Advanced Statistics

Hitting Stats

All hitters statistics are compiled as soon as the results are in! Follow the most exciting stats such as average and OPS. Discover what is your position in relation to other players. If you are playing for several teams in the league, you can see your statistics for each team. Or if you prefer, you can view combined stats for all the teams in a single click! Play like a PRO and view your stats by filtering based on the minimum of plate appearances per team-game.

Pitching Stats

Follow pitching statistics and find out who's the best! Automatically get the WHIP, average and much more ...

Players Career Stats

All career statistics are maintained and are available in the player's profile page. You get the stats for each year and each season in which the player participated as well as the cumulative all-time statistics.


Are you the best player in the league? Are you the worst? Any Triple Crown winner? By using our Stats Leaders functionality, you will know the name of the best and the worst players... Better yet, you will know your own position among the Leaders!

Teams Hitting Stats

Just as for the players, you can follow the teams hitting stats such as average and OPS.

Teams Pitching Stats

Follow the teams pitching statistics including earned run average ERA and WHIP.