New subscription plans

In the next few weeks, myStolenbases will offer two new annual subscription plans. The Basic plan and the Premium plan will be available.

Both plans will allow you to manage your calendar, teams, display news, enter game results and automatically calculate team standings. However, statistics and the stats leaders will be available in the Premium plan only. The Base plan will have advertising displayed, whereas the Premium plan will be free of advertising.

So that you can enjoy all the features available, the new Premium plan will be offered to you by default for a free trial of 60 days. After the trial, you will have to choose your subscription plan which will then be valid for 12 months.

Basic plan will be free while the Premium plan will be available at the regular price* of $ 9.99 per month ($ 119.88 per year).

What happens to my data after the free trial period?
Don’t worry, all recorded data from your registration will be retained regardless of the plan you will choose.

* Prices are in U.S. dollars (USD).
** A unique payment of $ 119.88 for a period of 12 months must be paid upon subscription to the Premium plan.


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